Apple HomePod With 7-Inch Display Could Be Revealed In 2024

When Apple`s first clever speaker released in 2018, the Apple HomePod became placed because the agency's solution to the complete variety of clever audio system from Amazon, Google, and Sonos. In 2019, simply over a yr after the release of the first-gen HomePod, Apple introduced the HomePod Mini; a smaller, however similarly succesful clever speaker placed as a extra low-cost model of the same old HomePod. The Apple HomePod Mini value simply one-1/3 the charge of its big sibling, however additionally misplaced out at the sound pleasant and common loudness.

Until January 2023, the HomePod Mini from 2019 became the closing HomePod product from the Apple stables, forcing a few human beings to suppose that the agency had totally given up at the lineup. However, in January 2023, 4 years after the HomePod Mini's release, the agency got here up with a brand new full-sized HomePod. 

The new device, additionally known as the Apple HomePod, became placed as a successor to the authentic HomePod from 2018. It featured numerous characteristic upgrades — which include integrated temperature and humidity sensors.

While Apple has shied farfar from revealing destiny plans for the HomePod lineup, numerous Apple analysts have hinted that destiny HomePods may also grow to be a relevant a part of Apple's clever domestic ecosystem. The modern-day in a chain of Apple HomePod-associated rumors comes from cited Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who indicated that Apple ought to release a made over HomePod version withinside the first 1/2 of of 2024.

The first Apple HomePod with a display

In a be aware penned on his Medium blog, Ming-Chi Kuo claims that Apple is running on designing a brand new HomePod version for 2024. Unlike current HomePod fashions that handiest characteristic as a clever speaker, this upcoming HomePod product will integrate the prowess of a clever speaker with the extra capability of a 7-inch touchscreen display. Apple is reportedly running with a agency known as Tianma to supply the 7-inch panels so that it will supposedly decorate this upcoming HomePod version.

Kuo additionally claims that this screen-toting HomePod will nearly absolutely have "tighter integration" with current and destiny Apple products. In addition, the touchscreen may also allow less difficult get right of entry to to quite a few functions enabled with the aid of using Apple's clever domestic strategy. Finally, Kuo additionally asserts that this HomePod version will mark a tremendous shift withinside the agency's plans for related clever houses of the destiny.

Apple's plans for this upcoming HomePod version do now no longer totally come as a surprise, for the reason that the agency has been trying to compete with Amazon and Google's services withinside the area for a long term now. If Apple can carry this display-toting HomePod to the marketplace with the aid of using 2024, it's going to release compete in opposition to the second Gen Google Nest Hub, similarly to the imminent Google Pixel Tablet, that is rumored to recreation numerous domestic-automation orientated functions.

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