How To Check Your Chromebook's Expiration Date (And Why It's Important To Know)

Are you interested by buying a Chromebook however unsure how lengthy the version will ultimate? Just like smartphones have a tentative lifespan, Chromebooks do too. The key thing in figuring out this is the Automatic Update Expiry date, or AUE. The AUE is the tool`s expiration date, and then the gadget might not get hold of any updates. 

Whether it is for surfing the net or walking the trendy apps, Chromebooks depend closely on software program updates. These hybrid gadgets robotically set up improvements that offer new capabilities and shield towards safety vulnerabilities, if any arise. Per Google's help page, the rollout of those updates relies upon at the producer. For instance, in case you buy a version from Lenovo or HP, those agencies depend on Google for Chrome OS updates. Since Google isn't always production the tool itself, it's miles hard for the employer to hold tabs on each version. And this is why those machines have an expiry date. 

Initially, Chrome OS-powered laptops could best ultimate some years earlier than hitting their AUE. Recently, the employer advised the gadgets lasted up to 8 years. Here's how you may test your AUE.

How to test your Chromebook's AUE

There are  approaches to test a Chromebook's AUE: at the tool and via Google's help page. While the primary technique could be greater appropriate in case you have already got a Chromebook, the second is available in available in case you're searching out new gadgets. It is critical to recognise that Google would not announce the tool's AUE earlier than the producer releases the product.

To test your Chromebook's AUE, observe the stairs given below.

  1. Click the battery icon at the lowest proper nook of the house screen.
  2. In the pop-up menu, pick the cog-fashioned settings icon.
  3. Click About Chrome OS at the lowest left aspect withinside the following window. If you do not see the option, click on at the hamburger menu (pinnacle left) to open the navigation panel. Alternately, you may kind About Chrome OS withinside the seek bar.
  4. Select Additional Details and spot what the message reads beneathneath Update Schedule.
  5. Suppose your tool is properly in the replace expiry date. In that case, you must see a message with the AUE.
  6. If your tool is beyond its expiry date, you may see a message that reads, "This tool will not get hold of software program updates. You can keep the use of your laptop however must recall upgrading."

Check a Chromebook's AUE online

If you need to test the replace expiry date of a Chromebook you want to buy, Google lists the AUE for all fashions on its Auto Update Policy help page. However, you want the tool's version wide variety. Generally, the version wide variety is to be had withinside the product's list on e-trade platforms.

  1. Open Google's Auto Update Policy webpage.
  2. Select a producer from the list.
  3. Search for the version withinside the list. You also can press Ctrl + F and input the version wide variety withinside the textual content subject to find it.
  4. Next to the version wide variety, you may test its AUE.

It is vital to test a Chromebook's expiration date as it determines how lengthy it's going to ultimate. While buying the tool, specifically at a reduced price, test the AUE because the version might be nearing its expiration date. If this is the case, you might not be capable of get a great deal use out of the tool. What occurs while a Chromebook passes its AUE? Without any hardware issues, the tool maintains functioning adore it normally does. However, for the reason that tool isn't always getting any safety updates, it's miles at sizable risk. Eventually, the Android apps could additionally prevent walking on an previous tool. 

Here's the expiration date of a few modern Chromebook fashions at the market. 

  1. Lenovo Flex 5i – Jun. 2030
  2. Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 – Jun. 2028
  3. Acer Chromebook Spin 714 – Jun. 2030

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